Why Worship/Praise? 

If you truly, truly think about it, there has to have been a being in charge since the beginning of time. Look at yourself. Marvel how each part of your body works together with all of the others. No one part can truly work as designed without the others. That could not have been an accident. Look at nature. Look at the flowers, the leaves, the trees. If you look at the precision in nature, it all could not have been just evolution. Doesn't the creator of you and of all things, seen and unseen deserve your respect and love and adoration? This creator is God.

What is worship/praise?

 Praising God. God created us and loves us no matter what. If you woke up today, if you are breathing it means that you matter to Him. He wants us in communication with Him. Worship/praise is one part of that communication.

Monthly Sermons

July 1:  Sixth  Sunday after Pentecost  - 'The Two Touches' - Marti Troyer

Scriptures: Mark 5:21-43

July 8:  Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - Hymn Sing

Scripture: 2 Samuel 5:1-5, 9-10

July 15: Eighth Sunday after Pentecost -

Scriptures: 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19

July 22: Ninth Sunday after Pentecost - Christmas in July

Scriptures: 2 Samuel 7:1-114a

July 29:  Tenth Sunday after Pentecost - Back to School, Children's Sunday

Scripture:  2 Samuel 11:1-15



Watch Online

If you missed a past worship experience, find it online and watch it.


At New Horizons you will experience the Holy Spirit in your life. Join us at worship.

You will find childcare available for the littlest ones and children's church for those 5 to 12.

Worship/Praise Times


  9:30AM    Worship
10:45AM    Coffee Fellowship

11:00AM    Sunday School for All Ages