Why church? Why not the golf course, the park, the garden?

Even though enjoying the golf course or the nature that God created by gardening or mowing the lawn is worthwhile and you can sing praise to God at any of these places, being in church and joining in community of believers, a loving family, is something that cannot be replicated anywhere else. At New Horizons, you have a family that loves you and cares for and about you and is nonjudgmental.

If you are not sure about your beliefs, if you are questioning, searching, join with a community of believers to help  you on your path. If anyone of them does not know the answer for your search, they help you on the path to find it.

Already a believer? Derive greater strength through the community of other believers

Do you have questions about some of the things that are done or that you see in church? Are you hesitant to ask someone? Perhaps "Chuck Knows Churchwill have the answer. Take a look at some of these short fun and informative videos.