Pray Until Something Happens for New Horizons

 (It’s not about us. It’s all about Jesus)



Patience, Peace, Strength and unconditional love (5)

Being disciples to make more disciples. (4)

More people willing to let God’s Spirit take control (4)

Knowledge, unity, guidance & understanding (3)

Revival of our hearts and minds to focus on Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit (3)

More people willing to seriously fast & pray (1)

We become spiritually aware of how important it is that we at least try to pay God’s tithe. (1)

The Holy Spirit moves us on options toward stewardship. (1)

More congregants feel the need to help us P.U.S.H. (1)



We become a giving church of our time, talents and treasures so our ministries can grow and prosper (4)

Better stewardship of God’s money in every person’s bank account. (1)

We need God’s wisdom of how to obtain and receive more money into the church. (1)


Local Ministries

Find ways to minister to youth and young adults with families. (4)

New visitors who want to stay and become members (2)

NHUMC to begin to show interest and get excited about Jesus (1)

More teachers or facilitators for Sunday School and small groups (1)

Ministries to attract and serve more families and children (1)

Ministry to seek those absent from church for more than 2 Sundays (1)

Ministry through music (1)



Economic Growth in Anderson Community (3)

Reduce violence & drugs in our community (3)

Our police officers safety and integrity (2)

Open our hearts to everyone and ourselves (1)

Terrorism by terrorists to end (1)



People to be healed from cancer (1)

People to be healed form depression (1)

People to be healed from heart disease (1)

People to be healed from M.S. (1)

Young people to begin to trust the church again (1)



Elections for moral Christian city, state and country leaders  (1)